ICPS Library Resources

ICPS students benefit from full online access and borrowing privileges at the BGSP library, as well as full access and borrowing privileges at the ACAP library.

The BGSP library in Boston is home to over 6,500 books and journals, all available to New Jersey students. The ACAP library in Livingston, New Jersey provides nearly 4,000 volumes for students and faculty researchers as well. The ACAP library subscribes to ten major psychoanalytic journals and has partial collections of twenty additional journals in the field.

Students and faculty are also able to use the extensive psychoanalytic collections at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark and Piscataway, New Jersey by virtue of its open access.

In addition, ICPS students and faculty have 24/7 access to BGSP’s online resources through the BGSP website. BGSP subscribes to an extensive selection of germane online databases, many of which contain the full text of relevant resources.

To login to the Library Resource Center, click here.

For library assistance, please contact

Janet Lazar
ICPS/ACAP Librarian
NJ library (973) 629-1001
Office (973) 325-8888

NJ library hours: Wednesdays from 4pm – 6pm

NJ library chat hours: Mondays 12pm – 2 pm