Program Director’s Welcome

This is an exciting time for New Jersey as the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis begins to

Vicki Semel

offer the Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and the Master’s in Psychoanalysis. These degrees are not only clinically relevant, but also emotionally essential. It is an honor to welcome all of you to learn more about ICPS’ programs.

Here at ICPS, formerly BGSP-NJ, the emphasis is not only on the didactic and intellectual but also on the experiential and personal. At every level of the curriculum, the faculty helps students resolve emotional blocks to learning. In this way, theory is melded to experience, and together we forge new understandings.

Our doors are open to college graduates from any walk of life who are motivated and capable to begin this kind of study. The journey is sometimes exhilarating and sometimes difficult, and it will certainly present its challenges, because nowhere in our culture is such an education available in any systemized manner. But those who undertake this program do change. Students attest to it. Some have gone on to pursue psychoanalytic professions, business, the arts, and education.

I invite you to see the benefits for yourself.

Dr. Semel Signature

Vicki Semel, PsyD
Program Director